The decentralized internet you can use right now.

Why do we need another internet?

Today’s Centralized Internet

A Decentralized Internet

Lets dive a little deeper.

Retrieving Data

Getting Started With IPFS

Use IPFS-JS to Store a String of Text

npm install ipfs-core
const IPFS = require('ipfs-core')

const ipfs = await IPFS.create()
const { cid } = await ipfs.add('Hello world')
const node = await IPFS.create()const stream ='QmPChd2hVbrJ6bfo3WBcTW4iZnpHm8TEzWkLHmLpXhF68A')
let data = ''
for await (const chunk of stream) {
// chunks of data are returned as a Buffer, convert it back to a string
data += chunk.toString()

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